Monday, 27 August 2007

Slow but steady progress

Cute/Sexy Potential called! We were chatting away on MSN this morning, and he was toying with the idea of coming to meet me, so we swapped numbers! Then I scooted off to my beloved family for lunch (thank you Bruv for the delicious food... and thank you Mum for your complete faith in my ability to find a man!)

No text of Cute/Sexy though :(

So, when I got home I checked my emails, and there was one off him. Apparently he's dying to come down, but is still nervous that I'm going to be disappointed!

Dear god man... do I have to go up there and drag you out!!!

So, we had another little chat on MSN a bit earlier, and we've arranged to meet next weekend!! He said he'd give me a call, so we could get to know each other a bit more, then all of a sudden the phone rang!

I put on my best telephone voice... it was him! We only had a 5 minute chat because he had some friends on their way over, but he said he was feeling brave! I say it was a chat, but really we both just giggled!

Not long after I got a sweet text off him, to say I was "lovely... posh, but lovely". I sent him one back to let him know I was off to give the ponies their champagne :)

So, I'm going to have a 'Face to Face' (No.45) with probably the sexiest Potential I think I've seen.

Jolly good show, yah :)

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Anonymous said...

POSH.. my arse you're posh.. you grew up on a council estate..