Tuesday, 4 September 2007

The last post

Cute/Sexy Potential has just asked the question. After just one date, and the odd chat, the 'where do you see us going' question has been raised!!!

And you know what. I was more than happy to answer the question!! In fact, it was great to have been asked!!! We've decided to give it a go... as a couple!

He's still not 100% whether I'm serious about him, but I'm hoping he'll work out that I am soon. We've agreed to be 'exclusive', and to see if things work out as we hope they will!

So, bad news for you blog readers, but good for me! After over a year, and countless dates I think I've found someone who is so cool he's keeping me up all night (and before you all think smutty thoughts, he's miles away!!)

Now, can we all keep our fingers crossed I don't screw this up!

Thanks everyone for reading about my trials and tribulations during my online dating experience! I'm hoping this really is my last post :)

Sunday, 2 September 2007

post date analysis

Todays date goes down as the funniest one ever! It's been a comedy of errors, which only seemed to make the day better than ever!

We agreed to meet at 'beauty spot' kind of between the two of us. The pub by the river. Sounds simple doesn't it. I get there a little early, so park up to wait for him. Here's the jist of the little conversation that followed:

Him: "Hi, where are you"
Me: "In the car park, where are you?"
Him: "In the car park!"

So, I get out of the car and have a look around. Nope, no sign of him. From where he said he was I reckoned he would be about 10 feet away.

Me: "I can't see you!"
Him: "Um, what's the pub called?"
Me (confused): "The Court... it's the only pub here"
Him (confused: "I'm in the George... it's the only pub here"

Turns out this tiny little 'beauty spot' has an East and a West, East being one side of the river, and West being the other side! Shit. I told him to stay put, and got back in the car to whizz over the bridge. Unfortunately the brigde now had some kind of police roadblock, so I ended up 5 miles away!!

Eventually, after directions from various people I find the right pub!! And there he was... looking Cuter and Sexier than his pics seemed to show, and armed with 5 Curly Wurlys!!!

We had a couple of drinks at the pub (you know, the one by the river!), then went for a walk. There was this kind of boat that took you from one side of the river to the other, so we thought we'd walk up to the next bridge, back down the other side and then get the boat back.

The bridge turned out to be about a mile and a half away (thank god i decided not to wear my high boots!!)! But we talked so much we didn't really notice the distance, or the time... when we eventually got to the place to get on the boat it had disappeared! So we had to walk three miles back the way we came! it's a good job we had those Curly Wurlys!!

By the time we got back we were both 2 hours late for our respective kids! Talk about responsible parents!!

I got a text off him as I was (speeding) home, and we've talked for a bit tonight!!

And before you ask... yes, I am seeing him again. He's so easy to get along with... and I think the whole 'posh' image he had of me quickly disappeared. I won't go into details, but it was a six mile walk alongside running water :)

Oh, and mum. The emergency call (you know, the one you make half an hour into a date in case I need a get out). I'm not sure you should assume if my phone is off it's because I'm having fun. Really you should be concerned about whether I'm floating head down in the river! There was no network coverage!


I've got a date with the Cute/Sexy Potential!!!!!

All week he's been talking about meeting up today, then getting the jitters and changing his mind!! I was actually at the point earlier this morning of taking my profile down and throwing in the towel!

The funny thing is, normally by now if a Potential had been this hard work I'd have moved on, but there's just something very different about him. He emails 3 or 4 times a day, we've chatted a little, and he's send the odd text (and look, no sign of me being irritated... at all!)

So, why the jitters?? Well, for some reason he thinks if we meet I may not like him, and so he's nervous!! Maybe if he new how fickle I was he'd understand that for me to keep in contact with him for 3 weeks has got to be a clear sign I do quite like* him (for 'like' read 'fancy the a**e off') , so unless he's really hiding something I don't get it??

He still thinks I'm posh, but that may well change this afternoon. Why... well, I'm actually not feeling too good, and have already been sick (and spoiled a good early walk this morning). JP has pointed out to me that it's not very ladylike to puke in someone's lap!

Wise words JP... wise words!

Anyway, I've got to get myself ready. Now... what to wear :)

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

For real?

Checking my emails today (just in case Cute/Sexy Potential has sent a little snippet of fun... which he had!), and I noticed a very odd new guy.

His profile has apparently been written by Winnie the Pooh! Winnie would like to know if I would like to take his friend out sometime. He likes hugs (that's his friend, not Winnie :/)

You couldn't make this up. I need to get myself off this site, soon!

Monday, 27 August 2007

Slow but steady progress

Cute/Sexy Potential called! We were chatting away on MSN this morning, and he was toying with the idea of coming to meet me, so we swapped numbers! Then I scooted off to my beloved family for lunch (thank you Bruv for the delicious food... and thank you Mum for your complete faith in my ability to find a man!)

No text of Cute/Sexy though :(

So, when I got home I checked my emails, and there was one off him. Apparently he's dying to come down, but is still nervous that I'm going to be disappointed!

Dear god man... do I have to go up there and drag you out!!!

So, we had another little chat on MSN a bit earlier, and we've arranged to meet next weekend!! He said he'd give me a call, so we could get to know each other a bit more, then all of a sudden the phone rang!

I put on my best telephone voice... it was him! We only had a 5 minute chat because he had some friends on their way over, but he said he was feeling brave! I say it was a chat, but really we both just giggled!

Not long after I got a sweet text off him, to say I was "lovely... posh, but lovely". I sent him one back to let him know I was off to give the ponies their champagne :)

So, I'm going to have a 'Face to Face' (No.45) with probably the sexiest Potential I think I've seen.

Jolly good show, yah :)